Sunday, December 7, 2014

Astro Update 12 7 14

The second half of December is packed with aspects that speak of change, that catalyze us to move beyond where we’ve been. If you are looking for a New Year’s Resolution, it lies in you and is pushing to the surface with the help of these aspects.

On Dec.14th at 11:14PM/MST, the next-to-last Uranus/Pluto square occurs. This aspect had been going on for the past 3 yrs. and is pushing our evolution from behind.  Don’t dig your heels in. Let it help you weed out the old patterns and let them go. One more pass in March ’15 will end this long cycle of change. When you look back over the past 3 yrs, you can see the changes that have been asked of us.

Between 18-25 Dec., Uranus is stationing. Expect the unexpected and keep your freedom needs in mind.

The Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st (4:03PM/MST) is an old moon, end of cycle, finishing up old business. 4 ½ hours later is the New Moon (6:36PM/MST), inviting us to begin…to take our power and move forward.

“Love will find its way through all languages
on its own.”   Rumi

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Healing the Ancestral Heart Workshop

Healing the Ancestral Heart
A Shamanic Journey Workshop

Betrayals, familial wounds, unspoken bonds, denied love.  These are the woundings of the Ancestral Heart.
Please join me in a journey workshop to heal this lineage you are a part of,  and bring light and new vision forward to your life and beyond you.

Sunday, Nov.16
$65.     sliding scale available

Jyoti Wind is an Astrologer and works with Shamanic Journeys, Writing and Homeopathy. She has over 40 years of personal and professional work.

No experience necessary.        Location upon registration.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Astro Update 10 22 14

New Moon Eclipse tomorrow, Oct.23 at 3:57 AM/MDT, which has the Sun, Moon and Venus all at 0 degrees Scorpio. Deep creative energies, deep creative self-expression. New cycle of investigative urges. How does one balance all that goes on in the outer life with the call to go deeper into oneself, and meander down those labyrinthine corridors of the inner life.

Mercury turns Direct on the 25th at 1:17 PM/MDT and we begin emerging from the mental perusal of the past three weeks. The next 2 weeks are a re-do. We get to Bring  insights of the Rx/Retrograde period into our daily life, and making changes accordingly.

The Beloved sometimes wants
To do us a great favor:
Hold us upside down
And shake all the nonsense out.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Online Astrology Class 102

Astrology 102 Online Class
Monday nights, 5:30-7PM/MDT 3 Nov. 2014
4 weeks $120,
We will look at the major aspects between the Planets. It’s like looking at how they speak to each other. The conjunction, square, opposition, trine, inconjunct, Yod, and Grand Trine will be covered along with a few minor aspects.
I have expanded this class from 2 weeks to it’s own 4 week session so that a person has more time to digest the information. I will introduce North and South Nodes as well. We will use charts as an illustrative tool.
Books: Astrology: A Cosmic Science by Isabel Hickey
Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller

Basic Astrological knowledge of Planets, Signs and Houses needed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Starshine News Fall 2014

Starshine News
Vol. 18, #4
Fall, 2014
Dear Friends,
My thoughts at the moment:
Every adult needs to learn how to take care of themselves. If they are serious and dedicated as a human being, then they need to learn how to play. If they are self-indulgent, they need to learn self-discipline.
It’s called growing up and learning how to take responsibility for your own lives. It’s not about expecting others to carry you. If you are a provider, can you also nourish yourself and make time for it? Can you enjoy your own company when left to your own devices?
Maturing is a natural process that takes many years and junctures with yourself. It behooves you to take advantage of every opportunity to grow into a self-sustaining and self-nurturing human adult.
The world needs you!!!!

As we have all been wading through this Uranus/Pluto square over the past 2+ yrs. and still have until Spring 2015 when it ends, it has been pushing us to change. Change how we see ourselves, how we behave, how we think of ourselves. This past year, that square also affected the Sun degree of the United States chart. So the collective push is on for us as a nation as well. We have choices to make about our presence in the world and how we take ourselves out there. As this is an evolutionary growth aspect for everyone as individuals, it is also that very same thing for this country. We are being given the opportunities to become something more.
Fall Meditation

In this time of harvest, Gratitude is key.
Take a long, deep breath. Breathe into that place of Gratitude inside of you. Remember the gifts that have been given to you, including this life. With all of its ups and downs, it gives you the opportunity to grow and evolve.

Astrological Services
Consultations are $100.
They include
natal, and transits reading.
Relationship Charts.
Astrocartography Maps.
Shamanic Journeys.
Spiritual Consulting.
Children’s Charts $50
under 14 yrs.
Sliding scale available
Is God speaking.
Why not be polite and
Listen to

Fall 2014 Astrology Column

October begins with Mercury turning Retrograde (Rx) on the 4th  at 11:02AM/MDT and the Sun square Pluto. No one is going to want to hear someone else telling them what to do. It’s a reminder to go inside and trust their own wisdom. Mercury ushers us into 3 weeks of self-reflection. The 7th brings unexpected circumstances. On the 8th, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4:51AM/MDT. The balance between self and other is key. Be true to your values and priorities. Venus opposes Uranus on the 11th and freedoms feel challenged. Insights on the 16th and music/art interests  on the 17th. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 23rd at 3:57PM/MDT brings a new cycle of creativity. Be willing to look deeply. Mercury turn Direct on the 25th at 1:17PM/MDT and we begin to notice more about our outside world. A creative day. The month ends with Venus and Sun trine Neptune on the 27th and 28th. Fun, imagination and spiritual understanding.

November begins with Mountain Standard Time starting on the 2nd. The Full Moon on the 6th at 3:23PM/MST says our sense of self expands. Things from your past benefit you. Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 8th and we look deeply for awhile, wanting answers. On the 10th, Mars conjuncts Pluto and it’s a day of intensity. Neptune stations 13-18, and goes Direct on the 15th, a period of time of dispelling illusions, and noticing your sensitivities. The New Moon on the 22nd at 5:32AM/MST is about taking responsibility for your own choices and an admonition to be honest with oneself. The 25th is a good learning day. Thanksgiving on the 27th brings an opportunity to look at a larger picture.

December begins with Venus trine Jupiter, Mars entering Aquarius, and the Sun trine Uranus on the 4th. An auspicious beginning of a new month. Freedom needs are seen, speaking for one’s own and other’s truths are important, and energies flow. Intuition is high on the 5th. The Full Moon on the 6th at 5:27AM/MST brings insights into self. Be open to move beyond your comfort zone. Unexpected opportunities beckon. Jupiter is strong
from 8-10th, expanding different areas of life. On the 14th, we have the next Uranus/Pluto square at 11:14PM/MST. Again these two transcendental planets are pushing us into and evolutionary leap. (One more exact pass in the Spring). Give it your best! On the 18-25th, Uranus will be bringing unexpected situations. Be fluid. The 20th brings want of freedom and control. The Winter Solstice on the 21st at 4:03PM/MST shares the day with the New Moon at 6:36PM/MST. The Solstice signifies the end of a cycle with the old Moon in its chart: finishing up old business over this next quarter. The New Moon is a push to re-evaluate what the goals are. Where do you need to organize your life to accommodate that. On the 23rd, Saturn enters Sagittarius for the next 2 yrs. Sag will be looking at taking responsibility in some area of their lives. The last major aspect is on Christmas Eve: Mercury square Uranus, conjunct Pluto. Unexpected insights and the ability to see beyond the day-to-day. Merry Holidays!

Mercury turns Retrograde Oct 4  11:02AM/MDT
Lunar Full Moon Eclipse  Oct 8  4:51AM/MDT
Solar New Moon Eclipse  Oct 23  3:57PM/MDT
Mercury turns Direct  Oct 25  1:17PM/MDT
Full Moon  Nov 6  3:23PM/MST
New Moon  Nov 22  5:32AM/MST
Full Moon  Dec 6  5:27AM/MST
Winter Solstice  Dec 21  4:03PM/MST
New Moon         “ “ “     6:36PM/MST
Saturn enters Sag  Dec 23  9:33AM/MST

Mercury’s Cycle
(Enters its Shadow Sept 13)
Rx Oct 4
Direct  Oct 25
Catches up  Nov 10

Fall 2014 Book Reviews

With Roots in the Alps: A Memoir of an Unusual Childhood by Annelou Perrenoud. This journey flows from 1933 – 1957. The divorce of Annelou's parents when she was six brought much pain and many adventures. Most of her childhood was spent living in institutional settings with one parent or the other. Some of these included a boarding school for girls, a children’s infirmary high in the mountains for those who were sickly or weak and another in balmy southern Switzerland bordering Italy. Here her mother became delightedly adept at smuggling things from Italy into Switzerland on her bicycle to avoid taxes. Ms. Perrenoud's deep connection with place and ability with description allows us to go along to all the various parts of Switzerland where she lived and visited. She gives us a front row seat on her tour of this multifaceted country and the people in her life. She also provides a window into the Swiss customs and views of the time including WWII. We share the pain, confusion and joys of her life from birth through coming of age. Vicariously experiencing life in this time and place previously unknown to me expanded my world view. I highly recommend this book for its cultural, historical, travel and personal viewpoints. Guest Reviewer: Kate Guilford

Multiple Exposure: A Sophie Medina Mystery by Ellen Crosby. Sophie Medina is suddenly a photojournalist who is embroiled in a CIA/Russian operation following the disappearance of her CIA husband. From London to DC, the author weaves a story of intrigue, with Russian oil deals, and an education on the famous Faberge eggs of Russian fame.  ISBN-998-1-4516-5928-3.

I’ll Meet You at the Base of the Mountain: One Woman’s Journey From Grief to Life by Donna Visocky.  First, I am thankful for Donna’s creation of BellaSpark Productions which brings so many amazing teachers and speakers to the Fort Collins area: Caroline Myss, Gregg Braden, and most recently, Lee Harris. With this book, she shares the death of her 21 year old daughter, Kristi, and how that horrifying event propelled her personal search for answers. Working through grief, a spiritual path opened up to her that has benefited us all. An easy read, and gently comforting.  ISBN 978-0-9899335-0-6  Guest Reviewer: Annette Price
Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani    Memoir. A woman fights cancer for 4 years until all her organs shut down, at the instant of death she revives and heals within days.  Her attitude and her life altered dramatically as synchronicity kicks in to move her along to her true destiny. Guest Reviewer: Arlene S. Bice.
The Bartender’s Tale by Ivan Doig.  Rusty, being raised unhappily by his aunt until he is 6 years old finally goes to live with his father in Gros Ventre, Montana. His father owns the most popular bar in town. During the summer of his 12th year, he meets a new girl in town. They become fast friends, share adventures, & the love of acting while watching history being recorded all around them. Great writing. Good story. Good characters. Guest Reviewer: Arlene S. Bice
Return from Tomorrow by George Ritchie   Non-Fiction. As a 19 year old during World War II, the author died for 9 minutes; then his spirit re-entered his body and he came back to life. He took years to understand what happened to him. He passes on to the reader what he saw, how he coped, and how he used his experience to help others. He became a doctor of medicine then of psychiatry. Recommend for anyone searching for answers about the after-life. Guest Reviewer:
Arlene S. Bice

The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo by Kent Nerburn, who also wrote neither Wolf Nor Dog, which may be made into a movie. They are raising funds.  It is a bird's eye view into some deep Native truths, how they see, and a vehicle for a voice which we can't always slow down enough to hear.  Also  gives a glimpse into their past and how it has so much to do with where they are today. I found it a powerful book that resonated deeply with my summer of little words but much time with earth and animals. Guest Reviewer: Mary Randall

Hard Times by Charles Dickens.  It was first published in 1851.  It was revised (?) and brought out in paperback in 2012.  Even in the mid 18oo's Dickens was aware of the class system.  He uses satire and humor with great. detail.  His characterization is brilliant. It is only 264 pages.  I heartily recommend it. Guest Reviewer: Nan Fogel

Daughter of the Gods by Stephanie Thornton. In 1400 B.C. Egypt, Hatshepsut delights in chariot racing as a child. Soon she is married and chafes at the constraints in the House of Women. She aspires to be Pharoah, even though only men have held that rank. Her life and loves are depicted with turns and twists, the story based on fact. Loved this.    ISBN0-451-41779-4.
Two Sisters Speak

Seven generations forward,
Seven generations back occurred yesterday
The day the century plant bloomed.
Deep crevices in the earth rearranged themselves.
The day two sisters said I love you,
I forgive you
Wiping the slate clear
Not looking back on the days
We stopped each other’s heart
With our attitudes, with karma.

She said, “I love you” and I said,“what did you say?”
She said, “Let’s start from a clean slate.”
She said,” Please forgive me for all the times
I’ve always known you as sister, as blood.
Looking into each other’s brown eyes.
I slighted you or hurt you.”
She reeled off so many things
I couldn’t take it all in.

She said we are almost twins.
I said we are blood.
We’re nearing 79 years
on this planet together.
Closer to laughter
A deeply tucked away prayer
For connection.

Every word flowed
The moment we talked.
Each voice neutral
As in deciding where to eat.
In ordinary time
Like none before.
Something bloomed yesterday
And I’m attending.
By Ann Griffin

Griefwalker is a  National Film Board of Canada feature documentary film, directed by Tim Wilson. It tracks Stephen Jenkinson’s work with people who are dying and his philosophy of how we live and how we die. Very beautiful and insightful. You can also find it on youtube.

Traveling Between the Worlds by Hillary S. Web. The author has compiled interview with 23 modern shamans. Included are Sandra Ingerman, Brooke Medicine Eagle, John Perkins, Brant Secunda and Tom Cowan among others. Her questions are well formed and bring to the reader the information and viewpoint that any level of interest in shamanism would be satisfied. From singing poetry to the differentiation of soul and spirit, to healing vs. power, from the ego the spiritual intelligence, this conversation covers it all. I read it cover to cover and enjoyed it.     ISBN 978-1-57174-403-6.

The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert. After the very popular memoir, Eat, Pray, Love and Committed, Elizabeth Gilbert has turned out an imaginative epic tale of fiction about an independent 19th century woman, Alma Whittaker. Born in 1800 to a famous botanical explorer father, she follows in his footsteps with a deep love and understanding of plants and science. Her adventures take her from America to Tahiti and Amsterdam as she quietly carves out her own niche in the world of botany and scientific discovery. Gilbert’s captivating storytelling addresses contemporary themes and Alma’s scientific intelligence is at times challenged by the realm of magic and spirit. As her observations of the evolution in the natural world are revealed, we watch Alma evolve as a person; someone that you admire and who is consistently true to herself.  ISBN 978-0-14-312584-6. Guest Reviewer: Nancy Overton

23 & Me. This is a web site for finding out your DNA and what cultures you carry. I ordered the kit online, received it, gave my saliva sample and mailed it back for free. It took awhile for the results to come back. A link was sent by email and I went online to view my results…I was so surprised at the result. I had been told as a child, English with a little Scotch and Dutch, lots of German and Austrian-Hungarian. Even though I had been taken for Irish as a kid, no Irish blood I was told.
This past May, after wanting to visit Ireland for the past 15 yrs., I finally went. While I was there visiting the holi wells and standing stones (, I got the email for my DNA results. I was 26% Irish/British. There I was in the land of some of my ancestors. Even though I know it is all in my own mind, it changed the way I looked at myself as a writer/storyteller and collage artist. I saw the Irish blood in me and I felt lighter. www.23&

“The beauty of what we are experiencing now on this planet is that we have been given the opportunity by the universe to see ourselves as the spiritual beings that we are. It’s the understanding the Creator wants to realize itself; to finally become one through all that is created.” Erick Gonzalez.


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