Saturday, August 1, 2015

Astro Update 8 1 15

Today, Saturn turns Direct at 11:53 PM/MDT. It has been Rx (Retrograde) since mid-March. Places where we contemplated taking responsibility, where we knew we needed to step up, or saw opportunities to take authority (from the word author of ourselves), now we can set all that in motion. After Rx back into Scorpio, we are now ready for Saturn's dance through Sagittarius, broadening our views, strengthening our beliefs, and reminding us that we are the author of our own lives.

Some people look at Saturn and only think of limitation, responsibility, etc. But without Saturn, we would not be an upright evolution…Saturn rules the bones and teeth of the body. We could not stand upright without Saturn. It gives us strength, parenting skills, and the ability to take the helm. It shows us the mountain top. How to get there is up to us.

So set your goals and continue on!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blue Moon

Blue Moon Full Moon at 4:43AM/MDT tomorrow morning, Friday July 31st. Once in a blue moon is what you can expect. Those things that happen rarely and are so welcome.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Astro Update 7 24 15

Tomorrow morning, July 25, Venus turns Rx (Retrograde) at 3:29AM/MDT and Mars is square Uranus at 3:42AM/MDT. It heralds a day of extremes. Venus is Rx until Sept.6 and money, love and relationships are the name of the game. Things you never knew or wanted to know are suddenly revealed about the other person. Finances for some will get skinny; for others, a waiting game. Beneath all of this, is a diving into your values and what you hold as important and what it is time to walk away from.

The Mars/Uranus square brings erratic energy…be mindful of where you put your feet, your attention especially while driving.

Sunday, July 26, at 4:38AM/MDT, Uranus turns Rx until Christmas, and we work with our inner entrepreneur…those ingenious, intuitive parts of ourselves. Where and how do we give ourselves permission to be more fully who we really are.

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes.
Because for those who love with heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Astro Update 7 14 15

One of my values with Astrology is to educate and inform, not to engender fear. With that being said, I am sending this email out after writing it 3 days ago and holding it. The aspects that are coming, 2 Mars aspects, are intense, catalyzing and by no means simple. I do not know if they will be headline makers. Sometimes these seemingly volatile aspects slip by in the middle of the night and no one knows the difference, except where it might effect a person in their own chart.
These 2 aspects may go that way. And yet, given the present political climate, climate change, and earth changes, I feel the importance of sharing what I know. I’m hoping, as a messenger, that will be respected. People usually want the truth of the possibilities. Here are 2 from my perspective.

On Wed. July 15, before the New Moon at 7:24PM/MDT, Mars will oppose Pluto at 8:08AM/MDT and Mercury will do the same at 5:38PM/MDT. Many of us already feel the build-up over the past week. It can bring stark insights, seeing beneath the surface of things previously unknown or hidden. And it can bring heavy responses in the world to existing situations…land shifts; knee-jerk reactions from the human sector; weather-related events. It is intense, sometimes violent, in its manifestation.

On Saturday, July 25 at 3:42AM/MDT, Mars squares Uranus. This is a classic accident pattern with erratic energies afoot. This aspect presents possibilities of explosions, like volcanic eruptions; railway and airline disruptions; and a catalyst for change, big changes.

Since these two outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, have created some deep changes for all of us over the past 3 yrs., and they were designed to do just that, I think with Mars coming along and poking at these 2 - 100# gorillas in the (cosmic) room, it would be good to be alert and awake on these 2+ days.

Something has happened
To my understanding of existence
That now makes my heart always full of wonder
And kindness.

Saturday, July 4, 2015


As I watch the fireworks tonight, emblazoning the dark sky with flashes of color and light, I think of the founding fathers and what they hoped would be the future of the country they fought so hard to forge; of the principles they knew were the guidelines that would steer our nation forward on a steady course.

I think of those of us who have held a vision of what our country could be, needed to be.

I think of our present government and those in power over the last 50 years or so, and would our founding fathers be proud of where we have com, where this nation is now?

Here we stand with a corporately owned America, the erasure of the middle class, and a ruling class that cares nothing for the poor, or the equality of mankind.

I watch the red, white and blue explosions of color. I know it’s not in my time frame that equality and freedom for all will come. I hold that ideal anyway. That’s my job and that of many others. It knows no party lines.

And one day that will be the truth for America from sea to shining sea…equality and freedom for all. Until then, the fireworks are a reminder of the possibilities.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer 2015 Starshine News

Starshine News
Vol.19, # 3
Summer 2015

Summer 2015 Editorial

Dear Friends,
I think ‘relationship’ dynamics are up for a lot of people right now. That balance of self, so hard won, and another’s point of view, are a focus right now. Whether it’s about love, money, sex, death, rock ‘n roll, it doesn’t matter. Once there is more than one of you present, the odds of change, disagreement, attachment, double, triple or more.
Since we have endured the changes of the past 3 yrs. with the Pluto/Uranus square firmly in place and just recently beginning to move on, I think not only are we cleaning up from floods and tornadoes, but also the inner debris from storms that moved through us and demanded we change. We looked at resistance, staying still, surrender to the unknowable. We balked, yet dug in, and began clearing the refuse of years. We are changed, great and small. And like a town cleaning up after a disaster, our collective consciousness is making a shift. Just like the Innuits are attributing our outrageously different weather patterns to the Earth making a minor shift on it’s axis. The scientists are now saying the same thing. So this is how it looks on the outside, and we all know what it looks like on the inside. We’ve changed.
And those old patterns that still cling like sand after a day at the beach, we can hose those off and continue to move on. It is in our own best interests and the interests of our collective evolution to continue to move on.
All love,

Summer Meditation
Breathe. Breathe into your body. Let the cells relax. Exhale the stress. Just let it go. Know that you are in the hands of your soul, growing and learning. You don’t have to do anything right now. Just be and breathe and relax.

Astrological Services
Consultations are $100.
They include:
Natal, and Transit Reading.
Relationship Charts.
Astrocartography Maps.
Shamanic Journeys.
Spiritual Consulting.
Children’s Charts:
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Love sits mindfully and immovable in us, all our lives, waiting for us to unveil it. David Richo

Summer 2015 Astrology Column

July begins with a Full Moon on the 1st at 8:20PM/MDT. The balance between self and others is focus. Empowerment to make deep changes. The 6th brings challenges and the 12th suggests erratic behavior. Poetry is alive on the 13th. The New Moon on the 15th at 7:24PM/MDT sparks insights and deeper thinking, but they are worked for. Confrontation is in the air. Things flow on the 21st, insights on the 23rd, and until the 30th, we can expected unexpected opportunities. Venus turns Rx on the 25th (until early Sept.) and we re-evaluate our priorities and our finances over the summer. The Full Moon/Blue Moon on the 31st at 4:43AM/MDT says it’s time to sort through your feelings. Since it is a Blue Moon, then different kinds of experiences show up. Communicate. Look at trust. At July’s end, Saturn is strong. Take responsibility for what’s yours.
August begins with Saturn turning Direct on the 1st and we step up and take care of situations. Intuition is high on the 2nd, time to push past fears on the 3rd, and kindness and fondness prevails on the 4th. Expansion on the 6th and 7th.  Jupiter enters Virgo on the 11th for a year, expanding opportunities for Virgos, like it has for Leos over the previous year. Freedom is abundant on the 13th and the New Moon on the 14th is at 8:53AM/MDT. Relationships are strong and deep. The past serves you. Frustration on the 21st and Mercury enters its shadow of its next cycle on the 27th.  Since it is in Libra, it will bring us to look at the balance or lack of, our sense of cooperation, our 1 to 1 interactions. The Full Moon on the 29th at 12:35 PM/MDT creates artistic expression. Discernment between the spiritual and the material is needed. Questions arise on the 31st.
September has Sun trine Pluto on the 5th, a power full day. Venus turns Direct on the 6th and we bring some of our changed values to the table. The 9th is subject to projection and blame. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th at 12:41AM/MDT says creative intelligence informs the choices we make. Choose healing over pain and suffering. Challenges of perceptions on the 16th and Mercury turns Rx (Retrograde) on the 17th at 12:10PM/MDT. For the following 3 weeks, we work internally on our issues. From the 21st-29th, with Pluto stationing, it can feel like a Scorpio week: full of intensities. The Autumnal Equinox on the 23rd at 2:21AM/MDT suggests relationships are key learning arenas over the next 6 months. Things for the past move you. The 24th brings insights and a deeper look. Push/pull on the 25th . The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on the 27th at 8:50PM/MDT brings strength of purpose. Insights found but not easily won. Month ends with personal realizations on the 31st.     Happy Fall!!!

Full Moon  July 1  8:20PM/MDT
New Moon  July 15  7:24PM/MDT
Venus Rx  July 25
Full Moon/Blue Moon  July 31  4:43AM/MDT
New Moon  Aug 14  8:53AM/MDT
Mercury enters its shadow  Aug 27
Full Moon  Aug 29  12:35PM/MDT
Venus Direct  Sept.6
New Moon Solar Eclipse Sept.13   12:41AM/MDT
Mercury Rx  Sept.17  12:10PM/MDT
Autumnal Equinox  Sept 23  2:21AM/MDT
Lunar Full Moon Eclipse  Sept.27   8:50PM/MDT
How to Be an Adult in Love: Letting Love in Safely and Showing it Recklessly by David Richo. The author combines Jungian, Buddhist and mythic perspectives in his work as a therapist. This book looks at our inherent nature to give and receive love, and also how to love in an evolved adult way. ISBN 978-1-61180-034-0.
After listening to David Whyte read and respond to Mary Oliver’s poem,” The Journey,” and at the same time cleaning out years of accumulation, I wrestled with some angel all night before writing and acting on this the next morning.

If I were more near
the end of my life,
than I already am
what would I do,
I ask myself.
I’d find the strength I’ve let
sit resting casually by
and say my fears out loud
I’d look some old forgotten
- never known where
it had gone-grief
in the eye and not let
it go.
I’d clear out each old idea
expose it to the sun
for clarity
I’d counter whenever I could
a voice I recognized as my own
speaking the “love of justice” 
over hate of an action.
I would raise my voice
for if I don’t
this part of me that only I can speak
will never be heard
And I came to be myself.
I came to act myself fully.
The day is later.
I pledge to play my self
in the life
I’m living.
No one else can do
but me
and I’ve come here
to do it.

Ann Griffin
My Heart / My Service These words are drawn from my life experiences so far;  they are my foundation. In a desire to remain flexible in my beliefs I expect to be inspired by those I meet; to remain open to new possibilities.

As a Human Being like all Living Beings, I am a connection between Heaven and Earth, Grandfather Sky and Grandmother Earth, Spirit and Matter… We are the conduits that connect the two. All Beings are vital to existence,  none more important than another, all important together.

I see us, all life forms, as birthed at the edge of a great spinning wheel. Each, no  matter how similar, has their own spoke or path to the center; Home. If one being or group of beings imposes their path on another, the wheel can become lopsided, wobbly and dense. It needs air and space between the spokes to spin properly, to breathe.  Instead we can influence, support andencourage each other, celebrating the individuality in the creation we all are.  This generates strength in the wheel as a whole.

Moving along our spokes, my role is to help those I am around, continue to uncover their connection to source, helping them find their own direct connections to their truths within as they help me clarify mine.

In sharing my understandings and gifts of working with our inner and outer energies (no separation between the two), I hope to educate, name and validate for others, experiences they have had.

In a Hanbleche/ Visions quest, one sits in Nature seeking a vision; information from source. After purification, they are taken to a protected place “between” the worlds to receive information. When they receive their vision and return, they share what they experienced with their People. So again, it serves the individual and the whole. The vision serves all.

I simply want to share my Visions through stories both spoken and written with those who care to listen; in hope they inspire the heart and the imagination. Let’s keep our beautiful wheel spinning in Health.     In Gratitude, Cindy L. Chadwick
Cindy L. Chadwick is a Chi Kung Practitioner working with Humans and Animals; clearing energy pathways in a number of modalities to facilitate your body’s desire to heal. Email:

Summer 2015 Book Reviews

I don't like fantasy novels (well, except for the Harry Potter series, which I consider an inspired, channeled sociological treatise), but I was sucked into this novel by its evocative cover and the title: The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic by Emily Croy Barker. For a debut novel, it's amazingly smooth, creative, ambitious, subtly humorous. I went to bed after finishing it with my brain teeming with ideas for a sequel, and I even wrote the author an email the next day with my ideas and encouragement. Probably part of the attraction was empathizing with the heroine. A young woman, stalled in graduate school and a relationship, goes through a portal into a magical world where she is bewitched into marrying a shapeshifter. When she realizes what he really is, she is rescued by an old, tired magician who takes her in and reluctantly begins to teach her magic. She observes how magic is used and misused as a war between the shapeshifter group and the magical humans pulls her into using her developing skills. Don't read the ending in advance! I love details and the ways the author wove interesting details into the action, but the book is long and I was glad when it ended and I could come back to this world and get grounded. Guest Reveiwer: Ann Cowles.

Taste Life Twice by Marsha J. Perlman.  This recently released memoir is dedicated to Women of All Ages. It is the author’s stunning evolution from a reticent and acquiescent Brooklyn girl to an independent and assertive world-traveling educator and author, awakened with a sense of self and empowerment. With courage and perseverance Marsha delved into incidents stored in her memory to relive joy and heartaches, and examine unanswerable questions.
Her inspiring life included tea with the Queen of England, correspondence with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., fleeing gunfire in Nicaragua, instructing as an invited Foreign Expert in China, teaching in Spanish Harlem, and accepting a Fulbright to Great Britain. independent book stores ISBN # 978150713263 Marsha is available to book groups for reading/discussing TASTE LIFE TWICE.
Moving Out of the Frame by Claudia Chapline On art from the studio to the community, including modern dance, art performance, installation, feminism, public art – a must for anyone interested in feminism and the arts. Written in a reader friendly style with many illustrations, an inspiration for dancers, artists, and creative people of all ages. Falling Up the Stairs, Chapline’s first memoir was called by Leda Sanford, “a little masterpiece”. ISBN 978-1-60052-116-4      Claudia Chapline is an internationally known artist and recipient of the 1996 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Northern California Women’s Caucus for the Arts. She taught dance at Washington University in St. Louis, California State University, Northridge and UCLA where the Art Library has the archive of her 1970s art performances. She was a co-founder of Womanspace in Los Angeles and other non-profit arts organizations in California. She has published over 200 articles in arts journals and newspapers, and 10 books of poetry and art. She owns an art gallery in Marin County.

Unraveled Visions: A Shaman Mystery by Nina Milton. Sabbie Dare is a bar tender at night and a shamanic practitioner by day. She embarks on a search for a missing woman and engages her shamanic skills along the way. I loved how the author takes you with Sabbie on the journeys she does with her power animals and the dreams that inform her. ISBN 0-7387-4005-8.

Mr. Churchill’s Secretary by Susan Elia MacNeal. First in a series, we meet Maggie Hope, a brilliant mathematician, yet gender-qualifications in war-torn England, allows her only a secretary job. She begins work at 10 Downing St. and finds herself working for Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Intrigue, a murder or two, and espionage round out this delightful mystery. I plan to read the next three books in print. ISBN 978-0-553-59361-7.

The Gypsy Madonna by Santa Montefiore. We go back to 1948 France, to a small town and learn about the childhood that Misha endured because his mother had married a Nazi occupier during the war. It is a deep and moving story, sensitively told. A painting of great value goes missing, a minstral saves Misha and creates a miracle of sorts, and love blossoms then and in present day (1985). I love her books. ISBN-978-0-7432-7889-8.

“Writing makes a map, and there is something about a journey that begs to have its passage marked.”  Christina Baldwin, Life’s Companion: Journal Writing As a Spiritual Quest.


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