Wednesday, January 27, 2016

An Astrological Look at 2016

Wednesday, Feb.3, 6-7:30PM, Boulder Public Library, Main Branch.
We will look at the year ahead, the cycles of Mercury and the Eclipses as trigger points. Themes, specific details with dates, and a general feel for the Chinese year of the Monkey. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

In the incandescent ray

In the incandescent ray of goodness,
sparks fly out and assume human form.

At their heart always
is the eternal understanding
of who they are.

Neither cosmic wind
nor defeat,
neither the impact of the human condition
nor the fear of aloneness
sway them
and they carry on the task
before them

to keep in consciousness
the knowledge of who they are.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Starshine News Winter 2016

Winter 2016, Vol.20 #1

Dear Friends,

No one owes us anything! Our gratitude for everything that comes our way is a mark of our social and spiritual development. Our parents and siblings, our children, our friends owe us nothing. By grace, we have their love and caring. By grace, they give us opportunities to grow beyond ourselves.
If we live in expectation and a feeling of being owed, and we’re keeping score, we are keeping ourselves limited and small, with a scorecard where our gratitude might live.
By grace, we are receivers of all that we can take in.
In gratitude we thrive!
Love and Blessings,

Online Astrology Classes Jan. Mon.nights,  Jan. 18, 2016
The Anointing of the Feminine Workshop
Jan.24, 2016
An Astrological Look at 2016
Feb.3, 2016
See inside for details.

Songs of Gaia: Devotional Poems to Nourish the Heart by Julie Tara. Divided into 3 sections: Nature, Humanity, and Spirit, Julie takes us into the world of mystical poetry. Her images evoke the magic of the fairy, the large oceanic consciousness, and a soul’s longing for return. A beautiful and inspiring body of work .

Winter Meditation
Rekindling the Light. Sit with a lighted candle. Reach forward with your fingertips and draw the energy of the flame toward your Brow Chakra, Throat Chakra, and Heart Center. We rekindle the Light in our own cells, taking it in and letting it grow inside.

Astrological Services
Consultations are $100.
They include:
Natal, and Transit Reading.
Relationship Charts.
Astrocartography Maps.
Shamanic Journeys.
Spiritual Consulting.
Children’s Charts:
$50 under 14 yrs.
Sliding scale available

Kindred Spirits

Kindred spirits,
when found,
are not to be forgot,
but to be celebrated
as the surprise sunrise,
to be honoured
as the new moon
luminous in its awakening.

Julie Tara

Astrology Column Winter 2016

The New Year begins with Mercury entering Aquarius on the 1st, and giving us a larger view just before it turns Retrograde (Rx) on the 5th at 6:06AM/MST. We will be looking inwardly for the next 3 weeks, deciding on goals and our sense of what we can accomplish. Unexpected things show up on the 7th and the New Moon arrives on the 9th at 6:30PM/MST, suggesting a new cycle of empowerment. We look at larger possibilities and where our trust levels are at. Freedom of self-expression on the 12th, expansions on the 13th, Mercury catches up on the 14th and we move on, and a flow of spiritual understanding on the 18th. The Full Moon on the 23rd at 6:46PM/MST may bring shifting interests, good investigative powers and insights, and looking at what is dissolving because it’s no longer needed. Mercury turns Direct on the 25th at 2:50PM/MST and we re-engage with others, insightfully so on the 29th.

February begins with the New Moon on the 8th at 7:39AM/MST. A new cycle of expansion of self with personal insights. It is also the Chinese New Year of the Monkey. People born during the year of the Monkey are quick-witted, clever and take challenges. They need to take breaks and rest their nervous systems and learn humility to curb arrogance. These energies play out for everyone this year. A ‘flow’ day on the 9th. The Full Moon on the 22nd at 11:20AM/MST brings challenges and catalysts. Uranus and Pluto are one degree apart in their square dance again. Look at loose ends from the changes you made over the last 3 yrs. Healing available in the willingness to change. The month ends with the Sun and Neptune together, a time of slipping quietly beneath the surface of one’s own spiritual beliefs to see what still holds true.

March begins with debating energies strong on the 4th. The Solar New Moon Eclipse on the 8th at 6:54PM/MST brings more ease in and through relationships and taking responsibility for what belongs to you. Standard time changes to Daylight time on the 13th. Jupiter and Pluto are trine on the 16th and brings a sense of empowerment. The 19th brings the Vernal Equinox at 10:31PM/MDT and ushers in the Astrological New Year. A Grand Trine in Fire and the South Node exact conjunction to Chiron the healer suggests that healers are being born now, during these months, bringing Light to the world. The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse on the 23rd at 6:01AM/MDT says its not the time to minimize oneself or one’s abilities. Take the lead and bring compassion and discernment to the table. March ends with strong mental skills of learning, insights, and intuitions. Happy Spring!

Mercury goes Rx  Jan.5  6:06AM/MST
New Moon  Jan 9  6:30PM/MST
Mercury turns Direct  Jan 25  2:50PM/MST
New Moon  Feb 8  7:39AM/MST
  Chinese New Year of the Monkey
Full Moon  Feb 22  11:20AM/MST
Solar New Moon Eclipse  Mar 8
Vernal Equinox  Mar 19  10:31PM/MDT
Lunar Full Moon Eclipse Mar 23  6:01AM/MDT

See insert page for An Astrological Look at 2016.
Local talk. I will record and have available for a CD
or an mp3 file. Let me know if you are interested.


Online Astrology Classes
Mon. 6-7:30 PM/MST Jan.19-Feb.9
Part 1, 4 classes: Signs, Planets, Houses. $120.
Part 2, 4 classes: Aspects, Nodes, Rx
   Feb.23-Mar.15. $120.

The Anointing of the Feminine
A Ritual Workshop

For those of you who are drawing ready to emerge, to begin another layer of your own work, or to be of more visible service to others, please share in this anointing ceremony.
We will honor the Divine Feminine inside as we move forward to express Her and our own personalities in these times.
As did the priestesses in the temples of old, we will bless and consecrate our work, our calling.
Sunday, Jan.24                                                                     
1-4PM, Boulder
Sliding scale available
Location upon registration.
Please bring a mantle (scarf or shawl), pen and paper, blanket and pillow.
Jyoti Wind is a spiritual advisor, writer, and astrologer. She brings a love of ceremony, ritual and truth to her work of more than 44 years.
Please email her at or call: 303.541-9106. Location given with registration.

An Astrological Look at 2016 
Wednesday, Feb.3, 6-7:30PM, Boulder Public Library
We will look at the year ahead, the cycles of Mercury and the Eclipses as trigger points. Themes, specific details with dates, and a general feel for the Chinese year of the Monkey. 

Online Astrology Classes
Beginner’s Classes: 4 Mon.evenings, 6PM/MST. Jan.18, 25, Feb.1, 8. Signs, Planets and Houses. $120.
Beginner’s 2 Classes: 4 Mon.evenings, 6PM/MST. Feb.23, 29, Mar.1, 14. Aspects, Nodes and Chiron. $120.
Let me know if you are interested.

Hands of the Ancients Medicine Cards – Guidance from the Four Corners. Created by Jan Wright. Published this year,  the renowned water colorist from Southwest Colorado, Jan Wright,  captures in her 28 medicine cards the history and surreal splendor of the rock art, pottery, dwellings and tools made by the ancient people who lived in the Four Corners of the United States, including Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. The accompanying booklet, written by Wright, conveys spiritual insights for each card. The deck of paintings can be used to gain guidance on a variety of perturbing situations, such as relationships, situations, frustrations or events.  The $35 deck may be purchased through Jan’s website.  /    Guest Reviewer: Elizabeth J. Wheeler

Oh Sister, My Sister: An Anthology of Sisterhood, Ed. by Jyoti Wind.
From the back cover:
An engaging collection that redefines DNA. Oh Sister, My Sister celebrates the diversity of the women we call sisters: siblings, schoolmates, workmates, playmates, and, occasionally, a fiery, wild spirit that challenges description. The sister-writers, through poetry and prose, take us to city streets, to rooftops, to the Bronx, to Wyoming. We gaze at the moon, sit on a park bench, paint our toe nails, have cocktails in an Italian restaurant, and grow up in a family of boys with no sister at all. In these pages, the sisters are a brew of love and joy, vexation and worry–but always in attendance. –Jennie L. Brown, Author of Nothing’s Ever Right or Wrong: A Novel, Workshop Director, Blogger (  $14.95 + $3 s/h

The Painter by Peter Heller. At the Jaipur Literature Festival in September, Peter Heller was a memorable participant. Then I read his book and had a new appreciation for him as a masterful writer. Jim Stegner, a talented expressionist painter is haunted by the death of his daughter and his darker impulses. He moves to rural Colorado in search of peach, where he paints and pursues his love of fly-fishing. But on a fateful afternoon, his quiet life is turned upside-down; suddenly filled with danger and violence. While his actions question one’s moral choices, Jim’s narrative is deep with personal meaning and the plot is suspenseful to the last page. ISBN 978-0-385-35209-3. Guest Reviewer: Nancy Overton.

New England Solstice
By Barbara McDaniel

When to begin?  When to begin again?  Not yet.  Not now.  I am planning to procrastinate a while longer. I will allow the invitation to lie upon the table in the hall for weeks.  Destiny requests an answer, but I have only profane replies.  No, there’ll be no RSVP today.  I will attend to nothing.  The coals which burnt last night so hot and bright are banked now, have been allowed to cool, their heat released into the empty room.  I want to be allowed to winter over.  Cover me with dirt and straw, I pray for a thick blanket of snowfall.  Leave me in the peace of my shallow, cold grave.  I’ll get back to you next spring.

Winter 2016 Book Reviews

The Dalai Lama’s Cat by David Michie. Told by an impressive, fluffy Himalyan cat, this story takes us to Dharamsala, the Dalai Lama’s home, Temple Center and the village of McLeod Ganj. This friendly feline introduces us to interesting and intriguing residents and visitors. She brings us along to listen in on interactions with HHDL and some of his many well and lesser known visitors. In a most entertaining way, she gives us glimpses of gentle, non-dogmatic Buddhist teachings. However, this is in no way a religious tome.
We get to witness her growth from a tiny kitten rescued from the streets of Delhi by the Dalai Lama into a fully matured cat. She shares with us her failures, successes, dreams and confusions in a way that allows us to look at our own without judgment or criticism. A most unusual cat, she has many names that include HHC (His Holiness’s Cat), Rinpoche, The Most Beautiful Creature That Ever Lived, Mousie-Tung, Bodhicattva, and Little Snow Lion.
Because reading this book brought me a sense of peace and calm during a particularly stressful time, I read it twice. Excellent writing, humor, adventure and heart make it a winner.

The Dalai Lama’s Cat and the Art of Purring by David Michie. With all the stellar qualities of the first book, this one weaves together the themes of love, loss and true happiness from our cat friend’s POV. It brings that same sense of peace, calm and introspection as the first one. I suggest reading these books in order. Guest Reviewer: Kate Guilford.
Hand in Paw: A Journey of Trust and Discovery by Nancy Schluntz. Nancy Schluntz tells the story of her journey, one we all can relate to: suffering the pains of growing up; finding family; balancing her spiritual and professional life; and increasing her openness to the beauty and power of our natural world. This author tells her history tenderly, with utter honesty. Nancy became transformed as she slowly began to hear the animals (wild and tame) around her waiting, often impatiently, to communicate with her. You'll laugh aloud at some charming stories of the animals who introduce (nay, sometimes drag) Nancy into her larger world. Their profound messages will help you look at your pets (and the rest of us) with different eyes. With this increased awareness, Nancy folds together her non-profit work career, her evolving family life, her love of nature, and her calling to a ministry of serving animal-human relationships. Watch her understand her challenges and make difficult choices; we've faced many of those life issues ourselves. You will find this wise, moving, and above all merciful story from an accomplished author deeply satisfying.  Reviewed by Alison S. Lewis

Learning to Walk in India: A Love Story by Molly Kate Brown. The author takes us on her journey as a newlywed, ready to go off on her own for a bit, and suddenly struck down by a life altering illness. Her legs won't work. Alone now, her experiences, both inner and outer, literally bring her to her knees as she is both grateful yet confused, keeping the faith yet dancing with her demons. As she recounts her earlier travels with her husband prior to this even, we get glimpses of Mother India and all that she offers. An inner and outer travelogue with rich universal elements on a life consciously coping with human frailties. Excellent!

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. As one who loves to browse in bookstores, I coulfn’t help but be curious about a book with this title. From the first page, you enter a world so unique to any bookstore you could imagine. There’s an atmosphere of mystery that develops into secrecy as one of the employees decides to decode some of the large volumes that a few strange customers check out, but never buy. Using all of the up-to-date technology to understand ancient knowledge, the character’s adventure is an imaginative detective caper. It’s suspenseful, at times magical and very enjoyable. ISBN 978-1-250-03775-6. Guest Reviewer: Nancy Overton.

The 11th annual Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC), Ascending to New Heights: Reaching the Summit with Homeopathy, April 8-10, 2016 will be a 3 day weekend of learning, networking, and inspiration.
This special event - the largest gathering of the homeopathic community in the US - will take place in beautiful Westminster, Colorado (just outside of Denver) at the Westin Westminster, in full view of the majestic Rocky Mountains.
Join us for the 2nd annual Homeopathy Academy for Moms Live! Workshop and Marketplace, Saturday, April 9, 2016 from 1:30-6:30pm!
This event brings our popular Homeopathy Academy for Moms Webinar Series Live! and in-person and is designed specifically for moms (and dads, grandparents, caregivers...really anyone) who are interested in fostering natural, holistic lifestyles for themselves and their families.

      Jyoti Wind
      2635 Mapleton Ave.#9
      Boulder, CO 80304 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Astro Update 12 20 15

Astro Update 12 20 15

Yesterday, Dec.19, Mercury entered its shadow. It will turn Retrograde (Rx) on Jan.5 at 6:06AM/MST. This Mercury cycle will occur in Capricorn and asks us to redefine our goals as we go into the New Year. What would we like to accomplish and what could get in our way…

The Winter Solstice, tomorrow at 9:49PM/MST brings a flow of understandings, relationship ease, and finances feel easier to manage.

From Dec.22-28, Uranus will station, turning Direct on Christmas Day, a day of the Full Moon also. Unexpected events all week, and on the holiday…ideas and conversations mix and don’t mix. Don’t push it. Love and connection and looking for the common good is the over-arcing energy.

Thankfulness brings you to the place where the Beloved lives.