Sunday, August 24, 2014

Astro Update 8 24 14

Tomorrow, Monday, Aug.25 is the New Moon with Venus trine Uranus and Mars conjunct Saturn and we’ve all been feeling this for the past week moving in.

At 3:38AM/MDT, Venus will trine Uranus and says, let’s all have fun and do what we want. I’ll champion you, you champion me, and we’ll all win!

The New Moon in Virgo comes in at 8:13AM/MDT and we get a good look at our own self-limitations with a desire to move past them.

At 1:30PM/MDT, the Mars/Saturn conjunction is exact and that push/pull is in full swing. We tend to blow out our energy then have none left. How do we learn energy conservation on a personal level. Keeping some in reserve for when we will need it is vital.

Trust issues on Tues. the 26th…do we trust that what we need will come with Venus square Saturn.

Artistic push on Wed. the 27th with Venus square Mars.

And on Friday the 29th at 8:33AM/MDT, the Sun opposes Neptune and we are on a search for identity. What still fits for how we see ourselves and what doesn’t.

“Love is the funeral pyre
where the heart must lay
its body.”     Hafiz

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Astrology Classes Online 101

Astrology Online 101.
Beginning Astrology Class
Monday evenings,  5:30 PM/MDT   Aug, 18, 15, Sept. 8, 22, 2014, 2014  
(Please note: No class Sept.1, Labor Day, and Sept. 15.

4 weeks   $120.        

Signs, Planets, Houses I&II.
We will explore the 12 sun signs and their characteristics.
We will look at the Planets and what their influence is, and what signs they rule.
With Houses, we will learn what day-to-day life situations are influenced by the sign and planet contained within the house. We will use charts as an illustrative tool.

Books for this class: Astrology: A Cosmic Science by Isabel Hickey
Book of Houses by Robert Cole and Paul Williams

Jyoti Wind has been as Astrologer for over 44 yrs., reading charts daily, crafting Astro Updates, and teaching classes. Contact her for readings and classes:            303.541-9106.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Astro Update 7 10 14 plus Midsummer Astrology Sale

You may be wondering why some days it still feels like Mercury is Rx. It’s because Mercury is still in its ‘catch up’ stage until the 16th. And Mars is still catching up since Mar 1st.  So we’re still working out/working with Mercury and Mars’ cycles from this past Spring.
Do some days feel like things are shifting under your feet, or at least in your day timer? And, try as you might, it’s hard to nail down something and have a solid confirmation or manifestation? That’s Mercury and Mars together. Mercury moves into new territory on the 16th and Mars on the 19th.

On the 12th and 13th, with Venus trine Mars, there are lovely creative energies flowing. Grab a pen, paintbrush, or recipe for a dinner party and enjoy.

On the 16th also, Jupiter enters Leo for the next year, and expands everyone’s leadership capacities and their ability to take pride in what they do. Leos have fun! and expand their lives.

On the 16th (-24th)  Saturn begins its station (to turn Direct on the 20th) and Uranus begins its station (to turn Rx on the 21st, the 16th-27th). There is something here between Saturn and Uranus, the planet of responsibility and the planet of change, that wants to be brought to maturity. How can we dance with these energies in our lives, stabilizing and building foundations while still being open to change when needed, loosening from the old and then reconfiguring in a new way.

If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished? ~Rumi

Check out my web site: Midsummer Sale, 10% off all Astrology Readings between now and July 20th. All you Cancers, Leos, and Virgos are starting your new year…

and my blog from Ireland with photos

Monday, June 30, 2014

Starshine News Summer 2014

Starshine News
Vol. 18, #3
Summer, 2014

Dear friends,

Can we be grateful for all of it? Not just the good stuff. Can we look back and see that some of the suffering life dragged us through, got us to here, now, in this present moment that is maybe not so bad? Can we give thanks for everything that’s been given, no matter how painful in the moment, no matter how confusing? Even when we are not even out the other side yet…Can we just bless our life for the way it has led us and with what Life served us.

If you have the chance to watch Wisdomkeepers: Paqo Andino please do. It is a 2 hour documentary about the Andean Shamans who pray for all of us. You can Like them on FB and also check out their schedule of showings around the world. Definitely worth the two hours of the film. 


A broken soul, seeking my place at the table in the House of Belonging. Susanne Doucet.

Summer Meditation
Take a deep breath. Tune into that place that is open to new adventures. Open the windows, let the breeze blow through, welcome the sunlight.  Now open your eyes and enjoy.

Astrological Services
Consultations are $100.
They include natal, and
transits reading.
Relationship Charts.
Astrocartography Maps.
Shamanic Journeys.
Spiritual Consulting.
Children’s Charts $50
  under 14 yrs.
Sliding scale available

Dance, when you're broken open.
Dance, if you've torn the bandage off.
Dance in the middle of the fighting.
Dance in your blood.
Dance, when you're perfectly free.

Summer 2014 Astrology Column

July begins with Mercury turning Direct on the 1st at 6:50 AM/MDT. We begin to move, and projects begin to take shape that may have been stalled out. We get to redo situations from the previous 3 weeks. On the 4th, Sun opposes Pluto and we feel challenged to own our own power. The 8th brings a day of unexpected events, yet having the capacity to take responsibility for meeting them. The Full Moon on the 12th at 5:25AM/MDT brings deeper emotional healing and tuning into one’s artistic capacities. On the 15th, Mercury catches up and ends this past Rx (Retrograde) cycle. On the 16th, Jupiter leaves Cancer where it’s been for the past year and enters Leo where it will be until next summer, expanding Leo’s world. Also on the 16th, both Saturn and Uranus will be stationing until the 24th (27th for Uranus). It may feel like a push/pull…like a solidification yet change, solid yet moving and changing. On the 18th, with the Sun square Mars, there is a catalyst energy, a push to get something going. The 19th brings Mars’ Rx transit to a close, that began March 1st and the chaos is over. Saturn turns Direct on the 20th and Uranus turns Rx on the 21st…Insights and change, outer foundation building and yet flexibility. The 24th is an expansive day and a New Moon on the 26th at 4:42PM/MDT is a push to communicate with sensitivity. Be open to a larger view. The month ends with Venus oppose Pluto (27th) and Venus square Uranus (31st)…we look at where we abdicate and need to make changes.

August begins with Venus trine Saturn and a sense of trust in what’s happening. Expanded thinking on the 2nd and manifesting your truth on the 7th. The 8th brings intuitive responses and claiming one’s authority on the 9th. The Full Moon on Aug.10th at 12:09PM/MDT pushes us to live more from a place of truth, and the 17th brings a sense of flow, with a caution against extravagance. Look deeper on the 21st and the New Moon on the 25th, at 8:13AM/MDT suggests empowerment and insight. Seeing one’s self-limitations can be the catalyst to move beyond them. Healing energies abound.
The 26th and 27th bring trust back onto the table and the 29th gives a deeper spiritual understanding.

On September 3rd, the Sun trines Pluto and gives an easy sense of being able to make things happen. The Harvest Full Moon on the 8th, at 7:38PM/MDT, is a mix of flow and quiet, thick and thin. Rethink beliefs about relationships. On the 13th, Mercury enters its shadow of the next Rx cycle. (Will turn Rx in early Oct.) The 14th is a strong day for making things happen easily. From the 15th-30th, Pluto is stationing and we feel deeply, whether who is manipulating the situation or what opportunities to go deep are presenting themselves. It a transformative time frame. On Sept.22nd, Pluto turns Direct and we begin to manifest in our lives, the things we’ve been working on for the past 5-6 months. This same day is the Autumnal Equinox at 8:29PM/MDT. The question being asked here is: what is the dream and how will you set it in motion? The ability to inspire others is also present. The New Moon on the 24th at 12:14AM/MDT brings emotional strength and healing. Relationship stability comes for some as well. Jupiter is trine Uranus on the 25th and it’s very lucky, very auspicious.   Happy Fall!

Mercury goes Direct  July 1  6:50AM/MDT
Full Moon   July 12   5:25AM/MDT
New Moon  July 26  4:42PM/MDT
Full Moon  Aug.10  12:09PM/MDT       
New Moon Aug.25  8:13AM/MDT
Harvest Full Moon  Sept8  7:38PM/MDT
Mercury enters its shadow  Sept.13
Autumnal Equinox  Sept. 22  8:29PM/MDT
New Moon  Sept.24  12:14AM/MDT

Tierra Sagrada: The Sacred Earth Foundation. Dedicated to the Preservation of Indigenous Cultures, Environmental Conservation and Public Education.  Florissant, CO.
Patricia J. Turner, founder: Tierra Sagrada’s mission is to help preserve that wisdom by offering opportunities for elder from diverse cultures to share their knowledge.
Intensive workshops will be offered with Shaman and healers from around the globe. We will create a new model for communal healing of the mind, body and soul.


             Feathers against limpid light
             flying first in color
             then dark against the sky
             carrying all to God;
             I lift with them
             in my heart's space
             and imagination-
             I am flying, too,
             my soul soaring higher
             and higher;
             at first they don't know me,
             but they decide to carry me,
             as I sing to them
             without sound;
             I wonder where they are going
             today, and as always
             I know I am not the guide;
             tan hills grace the horizon
             settling in against a gray sky...
             this time of year
             it seems
             that everything has gone aloft
             to dream a new dream;
             I lie down in dry grass
             to wait for the feathers
             to manifest
             their return flight plan-
             I don't want to be left behind.
Linda Holbrook
Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald. A talented family with 4 daughters of  layered emotions buried though spoken by the author writing in the third person lives on
Cape Breton Island off Nova Scotia in the late 1800-mid 1900’s.The twists and turns of
these buried parts in superb characterizations destined live out their secret destinies.
 In all the multi-cultural darkness with the ever present thread of wit and light, I follow
the thought of “It’s as hard to be the good sister as much is it is to be the bad sister.”
I did not want to stop reading the dream-like shock even when I came to the last
beautifully constructed thread. ISBN 0-7432-3718-8   Guest Reviewer: Ann Griffin

The Tour of Ireland this past May, 2014 was a beautiful success. I took 7 women from the U.S. and met with our tour guide, Amantha Murphy, and our driver and drummer, Rose Mummery. Two women from Ireland joined us and our merry band of 12 women traveled from the standing stones in the south to the sacred wells along the way. The green-green of the land was wonderful to behold amidst the rainy days and the sunny ones as well.

All the places we ate offered us gluten-free options for those who needed it, as Ireland is very Celiac conscious and there were always choices. The food was delicious and happily served. Our accommodations were very nice, breakfast served with a smile and conversation, and we bussed around the southwest and upland in a 14 seater bus of our own.

At the sites, we gathered in circle, sang songs, listened to the legends of the place and imbued us with the sacred energies humming to us. Everything felt alive and rich. The friendliness of the people was an outstanding feature everywhere.

After returning, I began a blog to post pictures on, and poetry and prose from the Ireland trip. Please visit and enjoy Ireland with us.

Red birds sit on borrowed branches
Thumbnail moon descends slowly
Seventy wishes sit atop dandelion stem
I blow softly.
Jyoti Wind

Summer 2014 Book Reviews

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Ravens of Avalon by Diana L. Paxson.  The story of two women trying to be true to their hearts while their hearts seem to have conflicting desires. Set in the early Roman occupation of England, these women have chosen different paths. The book illuminates the integrity of both choices. And it shows us that priestesses had much broader roles and responsibilities than we often assume. ISBN 978-0-670-03870-1
(Guest Reviewer: Kathy Schubert)

Behind the Mist, Book One of the Mist Trilogy, by M.J. Evans, is a clever “young adult” fantasy of the mythical land of Celestia, the immortal home to noble and great horses. They achieve the status of Unicorn due to their exemplary earthly virtues.  As unicorns their job is to help other deserving animals make their transition at the end of their earthly lives. The deep love between humans and animals is a consistent theme.  The idea of death, the possibilities of an after-life and of course, the conflict between good and evil, are examined in an easy to read tale.  ISBN 978-1-936183-87-6  
Dreaming the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming for Healing by Robert Moss. The author uses the dream world as a tracker, to find missing energies. He offers journey exercises into present life situations, past and future lives, and parallel lives usually shown in consistent dreams. I found this body of work to be illuminating and extremely practical. I love this book.  ISBN978-1-60868-058-0.

Longbourn by Jo Bake. This is a very cleverly written story about the ‘below stairs’ of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice as seen through the eyes of, and the life of, the maid of the household, Sarah. Baker has kept the tone of the language of the late 1700s, including the differences in upstairs and downstairs. She has stuck to Jane Austen’s line of literature without going upstairs when the servants would not have privy to the information spoken there.  I highly recommend this to any Austen fan that is fussy about offshoots of her literature or to anyone who likes good period stories. Guest Reviewer: Arlene S. Bice.

Tales of a Hollywood Housewife by Betty Marvin.  The ‘other side’ of a biography (Point Blank by Epstein) is presented by Betty Marvin (the first Mrs. Lee Marvin.) She writes a fascinating ‘her side’ of the story. She does not scratch the eyes out of the husband who treated her badly. She does tell how she felt during the 15 year marriage to a raging alcoholic and why she made the decisions she made; good and not so good. It’s easy to watch her grow from an unwanted child to a na├»ve young woman in love, to a wise woman with scars that don’t show. She became a fascinating person that seemed to go through life just trusting and accomplishing. It is also a great pattern to follow; improving instead of aging. Guest Reviewer: Arlene S. Bice.

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukov.  This book has been around since 1990, yet it is still a life changing book for those who are just now learning that there is more to us humans than the five
external senses. Zukov explains how our perception of power is moving from the external to the internal and how a transformation is taking place in the world; a universal shift. This is a book that is best read in paper form so the reader can write notes in the margins. Guest Reviewer: Arlene S. Bice.

Peril In Paradise by Marty Ambrose. This is the first in the Mango Bay Mystery Series. I've now read all four and enjoyed them every one. They are just the right, light, funny, yet interesting reads that I wanted for bedtime. Marty Ambrose is a master of description that puts you into the scene and lets you know her quirky characters up close and personal. Her humor softens any violence while maintaining intrigue. I highly recommend this book as well as book 2 (Island Intrigue) and book 3 ( Killer Kool) and book 4 (Murder in the Mangroves) if you're looking for light, well written material. Guest Reviewer: Kate Guilford

2014 Shamanic Conference
The 2nd Annual Cross-Cultural Shamanic Conference began on Friday evening with the film: Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino. Taking place in the Andes, we journeyed with the filmmaker in the footsteps of the young shaman and his apprentices.
We watched as he gave thanks to the spirit of the surrounding mountains, at 16000’, as he honored the Creator and was grateful for all that had come to him in his life, and felt tears as we heard him pray for all of us.
To realize someone, who you had never known existed, was praying for you (along with the whole global family of humanity) swelled my heart. Gratitude flooded. I was touched deeply.
This heart-opening film set the pace for the weekend to come and the eleven other presenters. As representatives from many native cultures across the world, they brought their shamanic practices and stories from the Siberian, Druidic, Mexican Curandera, Tibetan, and Peruvian traditions.
We journeyed to a cave of dismemberment where I rose and did the Bone Dance, without muscles or organs, and felt the disconnectedness of my body with only its boney parts.
Another journey took me to the Upper World to find an Enlightenment teacher to ask about compassion. Here I was told I could not and must not try to take away another’s suffering. It was their teacher.
The beauty and sweet souls who came as presenters created a mini universe of love, with the message to step into your own work more; to work for the Earth and her sustainability; to pray for and help those peoples who are in need.
The Conference opened my heart. The love and sharing was tangible in the smiles and caring between everyone. I will be going back next early May 2015 to the next one.

the human vessel
betwixt the Divine
and the Earthly.
I throw it into the furnace
of life’s transformations.
Emerging like steel,
tempered and true,
it is yet able to bend/bow
at compassion’s glance.
Jyoti Wind

Hunting Power

You say you are hunting power,
but your power is hunting you.
I’ll go up to the mountain, you say.
I’ll fast and live on seaweed
I’ll hang myself on a meathook
under the hot sun. I’ll give up sex
and wine and my sense of humor.
What are you thinking of?
For you to go hunting your power
is as smart as the mouse hunting the cat.

Go out in the garden any night,
step one inch outside the tame land
and you are near what you seek.
Open the window of your soul
any night and your guide may come in.
The issue is whether you’ll run away
when you see what it is. To make sure
you succeed, tether yourself like a goat
at the edge of the tiger wood that breathes
right beside your bed. He’ll come.

Robert Moss

“Writing bridges the inner and outer worlds and connects the paths of action and reflection…Writing is sorting. Writing down the stream of consciousness gives us a way to respect the mind, to choose among and harness thoughts, to interact with and change the contents of who we think we are.” Christina Baldwin from Life’s Companion: Journal Writing As a Spiritual Quest.

The Beekeepers Apprentice by Laurie B King. If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes stories or just someone who likes a good crime story of his era with a woman main character, this book (and the ensuing series) is for you. After Sherlock retires from the stories we’ve all heard of, he meets Mary Russell by chance, a young woman with a brilliant mind and she becomes his apprentice. An attempt on each of their lives leads them on a wild adventure and a mystery to be solved to save their lives. A surprising climax … and on to the next book in the series for me! ISBN. 978-1-4299-3650-7  Guest Reviewer: Terra Rafael.

The Walk by Richard Paul Evans. The main character, Alan, loses everything through a cascade of circumstance. Putting a pack on his back, he decides to walk to the furthest point from where he lives in Seattle, WA. This book is the first book in the Walk series. It reads easily and touches the heart as he begins to realize just what life is about. I read the first half one night in bed. I didn’t want to leave it. Finished it the next day. Loved it. ISBN978-1-4391-8731-9.

Writing practice brings us back to the uniqueness of our own minds and an acceptance of it. We all have wild dreams, fantasies, and ordinary thoughts. Let us feel the texture of them and not be afraid of them. Writing is still the wildest thing I know.  Natalie Goldberg, Wild Mind.

      Jyoti Wind
      2635 Mapleton Ave.#9
      Boulder, CO 80304 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Flight of the Spirit Workshop/Intro to Shamanism


Introduction to Shamanism

Learn how to utilize different states of consciousness to gather information, power and courage. Using traditional techniques, we will learn about non-ordinary reality, spirit guides and animal spirits. We will journey to the land of the spirits.

No experience necessary.

Sunday   June 29, 2014  

Please bring pillows and blankets, or seat, warm socks and something to place on the altar, along with pen and paper.      Sliding scale is available.

Directions upon registration. Please contact Jyoti Wind at
or   303.541-9106

Jyoti Wind is an Astrologer, Writer and Shamanic Practitioner with over 40 yrs. experience in both the Outer World and the Inner World.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Anointing of the Feminine Workshop

The Anointing of the Feminine

A Ritual Workshop

For those of you who are drawing ready to emerge, to begin another layer of your own work, or to be of more visible service to others, please share in this anointing ceremony.

We will honor the Divine Feminine inside as we move forward to express Her and our own personalities in these times.

As did the priestesses in the temples of old, we will bless and consecrate our work, our calling.

Sunday, June 22

Sliding Scale if needed.

Please bring a mantle (scarf or shawl), pen and paper, blanket and pillow.

Jyoti Wind is a spiritual advisor, writer, and astrologer. She brings a love of ceremony, ritual and truth to her work of more than 44 years.
Please email her at or call: 303.541-9106. Location given with registration.